Palette Studio v1.2 out!

Palette Studio v1.2 is out, and a lot of new features and changes have been added! Select specific palette colors to use, render 1, 8, or 16 camera angles, and set up lighting that rotates to each render camera.


  • Selecting a palette will now provide a preview image of the colors in the palette. See what you're working with before rendering!
  • The "Palette Indices" field has been added, allowing for selective use of the provided palette. Enter in individual palette indices (separated by a comma), or specify full ranges of colors.
    • Ex: 0,3,9,11,12,13 or 0,3,9,11-13

Camera Rig

  • The number of cameras can now be switched between 1 camera, 8 cameras, or 16 cameras.
    • 1 will provide a single front-facing camera and will render images with an ID of 0.
    • 8 will provide eight cameras using IDs 1-8 around the camera rig.
    • 16 will provide the previous 8 cameras, plus 8 more cameras offset by 22.5 degrees. These camera IDs use ZDoom format (9,A-G).

Light Rig

  • Selecting "Create" will create "PS Light Rig", an object that can have lights parented to it.
  • Selecting "Remove" will remove the existing "PS Light Rig" and unparent lights parented to it.
  • Enable "Rotate to Camera" to rotate "PS Light Rig" to the render camera during the render.


  • The four sections of Palette Studio (Palette, Camera Rig, Light Rig, and Render) can now be collapsed.
  • Various mouse-hover descriptions for properties/operators have been added.
  • Now confirmed to work with Blender 2.92!


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Mar 01, 2021

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Hey im having  trouble every time I render the image just comes out black I am using blender 2.92 I have my pallete indices set to 0-255 any tips on how I can fix this?

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Hi! Check out this post I made over on Doomworld that shows the Compositor layout, and ensure you've got "Viewer Node" placed and connected to your "Render Layers" output. Once that's connected, you should be getting an image output when you click "Render" in Palette Studio.

Oh! Also if you're using the whole palette range (like 0-255 for a 256 color palette) you can leave that range box blank and it'll use the whole range.

Amazing!! Thank you! <3

Thank you, I hope it proves useful for you!